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If you’re here you’re probably one half of a creative couple whose wedding is going to be one heck of a party – a celebration of love, family and friends! You’re compassionate and adventurous. You know that you’re not going to find your perfect dress or suit from the shopping mall. You don’t always stick to the rules or traditions; you follow your hearts and will make your wedding your own. You don’t want to pose or fake smile. You want a team of two who will document your wedding truthfully – all of it – the hugs, the tears and your best friend’s crazy dance moves. That’s where we come in, we’re your perfect match!

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My top values are compassion, contribution, order, self development, challenge and integrity. These values drive me to emotionally connect with the people we work with, and to deliver a collection of memories that tell a story. I’m the one constantly looking for new opportunities to grow ourselves and our business. I’m passionate about contributing to our local community and influencing others to collectively make change for the better. I’m also obsessed with planning and organising. My biggest fault is that I don’t do well with conflict, because I’m emotionally sensitive and I take things to heart too much.



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I value honesty, justice, learning, loyalty, creativity and fun. I’m the adventurous one who craves new experiences, and I thrive on pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. I’m always looking into how I can improve my skills and knowledge, making sure that I’m at the top of my game. I have the creative vision to imagine things before they exist. I treat everyone as equals and I always stand up for what’s right. I’m obsessively meticulous. My weakness is that I have no sense of time, I live in the here and now without planning for the future. Luckily I’ve got Anthea to plan and organise for me!

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“We feel so incredibly lucky to have had you both at our wedding and to have met you! Nick and I had such a fun time working with you both – it felt like we were hanging out with old friends on a warm summers day and the locations you took us to were so unique – those fig trees were out of this world! Thank you for going above and beyond to capture so many perfect moments.”

– Petria + Nick


“To our favourite photographers! This is just a quick note to say how grateful we are for your services. Not only did you produce absolutely stunning photographs and design an amazing album, but you were both incredibly friendly and engaging with our guests. My Grandparents were particularly impressed! I felt awkward at first because I’d never had my picture professionaly taken but soon relaxed with your help. We adore all the memories you captured. Thank you so much!”

– Steph + James


“Thank you so much Anthea and Lyndon! We loved the photos! They were fantastic, exactly what we were after – full of fun and smlies! On the day you were organised and professional. Our guests made a number of comments about how they liked you personally, but also appreciated that you were relaxed and not obtrusive during the ceremony and reception. Thank you!”

– Lesley + Aaron

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Photographs of us by legends Dan O’Day and Lauren Campbell
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