There are 4 things that last beyond the day of your wedding; your rings (a physical reminder), your marriage (the face you wake up to see), your photos and your video. Your wedding photography and video are your emotional connection to the events that happened on the day, and a record of the people who you shared them with.

Wedding photography and video is literally an investment for the future. In 50 years time what will be your record of your loved ones who have passed away, and of the people who were important and influential in your life? If you have grandchildren one day, what will their memory of you be? That record is the investment, and the reward is in the future.

We totally understand that throwing a big celebration with all of your family and friends is expensive, we’re married so we know what you’re going through! Every couple has different priorities and a budget in mind, and photography and video is usually a high priority for couples who come to us to document their wedding.

On her 80th birthday my grandmother showed us this photo album that belonged to my great grandmother. My great grandmother took these photos with a box brownie and developed them herself. I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for this woman who I’ve never met, and now we have the privilege of seeing her memories, stories and adventures.

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We have two messages to share with you all: 1. Find out where you come from and 2. Don’t let your photos disappear in the black hole of the internet. Print them so that one day your great grandkids can look at your photos with their grandmother on her 80th birthday.

More than 50 years ago my grandmother hand coloured the black and white photograph below from her wedding day. It sits on top of her piano at her house in rural Victoria that she built with my grandfather.

When Lyndon and I visited for her 80th birthday, she told us that when she was 19 she worked as an assistant for a local wedding photographer, and her job was to hand colour the photographs. It makes me happy to think of all the people who now have a photograph from their wedding day that was hand coloured by my grandma.


This is a photo of my mum and dad on their wedding day with their mothers. Below are more memories from my Grandparents wedding.