Last Sunday we invited Rob and Katherine over to see their wedding photos for the very first time. We got comfy on the lounge together with wine and popcorn. We watched their slideshow of highlights on the big screen, and by the end we were all teary.

We were moved by the heartfelt letters they wrote to each other and shared before their ceremony. And Katherine’s emotional vows, as she spoke about Rob’s dad who sadly passed away before their wedding day. And their relationship with each other, their family and friends.

When you work for yourself you don’t get promotions or awards as an acknowledgement for the work you do. But the gratitude we receive from our couples is worth so much more. So thank you to all of you who allow us into your lives to share your important moments and to create your legacy.

We don’t often get to see the impact our photos have on people, because they usually look at them in the privacy of their own home. Experiencing it with Rob and Katherine, proved to us why what we do is so important, and how valuable these memories are to the people we work with. This is why we do what we do!

If your partner, your family and friends are what’s most important to you on your wedding day, we’re the right photographers for you. The truth is that if anything else is more important, then we’re probably not the right fit. We can, and we do, photograph lace details and table decorations. Our strength though, is photographing people and their relationships. That’s the feedback we’ve had from our couples time and time again.

All relationships are equally valid and important, no matter what outfit you’re wearing. This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now, and I wanted to share it but didn’t have the right words. I wrote the message below to Rob and Katherine after their wedding. Initially it was a private letter meant just for them. I thought I’d share it with you all because it perfectly sums up what we feel is the most important part of a wedding: people.

“Dearest Rob and Katherine, I’ve been looking through all your wedding photos this week, and there are a few things I really want to say to you both.

The day after your wedding we were re-living it all with Vickie, and she said “gee you just love them both more after yesterday don’t you”. That sums up exactly how I feel. Lyndon and I were privileged to get an up close look at the kind of people you are under stress and pressure, and also in total happiness and enjoyment. 

The love you both have for your nieces is so beautiful. I could tell how much you cared for them when you hugged them at the top of the aisle Rob, and when you spent time with them before the ceremony Katherine. It’s clear how much they love you both too from their reactions when they first saw each of you.

Having known your groomsman Brad and your MC Tyson from years ago, makes me appreciate how much they’ve grown and changed. They’re such good quality guys, and it says a lot about you Rob and the kind of people you surround yourself with and enjoy spending time with. Katherine, I was totally blown away by how many amazing close friends you’ve kept from school. We’ve been to a lot of weddings, and honestly I can’t think of a single one where there was such a close knit group of wonderful friends. You’re so lucky to have them, and they obviously adore you by the way they all talk about you. Similarly to Rob, the friends you have says a lot about the kind of person you are.

Rob the letter you wrote Katherine was so incredibly heartfelt and honest. I had no idea you had it in you to write such an eloquent letter! It was beautiful and I cried while your bride to be read it. Katherine, your vows were so genuine and moving. I don’t think a single person made it through your ceremony with dry eyes! The individual letters you wrote to each of your guests was really thoughtful.

We’re so lucky to have met you both. We can’t wait to reminisce about the day with you. We’d love to time a catch up for when your photos are ready, and we can show them all to you for the first time.

Enjoy your time together after all the wedding craziness! Love A & L xo”

Venue: Bendooley Estate
Celebrant: Hannah Noller
Hairdresser: AJ Hair and Bridal 
Makeup artist: Jay Batistic MUA
Cake: Rosy Lea Cafe