The Sugar Pine Walk in Bago State Forest, Laurel Hill, is between Batlow and Tumbarumba in country NSW. The majestic sugar pines are our favourite wedding ceremony venue of all time, and you’ll see why in our photos of James and Heidi’s wedding below. Sugar Pines are the largest and tallest of all pine tree species, and these ones were planted almost 100 years ago in 1928.

Quite often, posts about weddings only describe how perfect the day was and how it all resembled a fairytale.

A true fairytale usually involves a little hardship endured by the protagonist, a little bit of a trial or bitterness, which then adds to the overall story by making the happy ending that much sweeter, the courage and bravery a little bit greater.

All of this was so relevant to Heidi & James’ story we just couldn’t leave it out.

Around 12 months ago Heidi was given one month to live, she has since made a dramatic recovery after receiving her second liver transplant.

Heidi has battled a life threatening illness nearly her entire young life, and when someone is required to endure and fight for so long, a life saving organ transplant and a dream wedding in the space of a year really adds a true beauty & gravity to the words (and pictures) of their tale.

We hope you enjoy this real life fairytale wedding and that our words carried just enough weight to portray the absolute joy we all felt on this very special day.

Anthea & Lyndon

Continue down for the second part of the story…

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wedding-country-nsw-australia-destination-wedding-tumbarumba-batlow-canberra-photographer-videographer-vintage-documentary-farm-rustic-reception-venue-lights-diy-handmadeHeidiandJames_222636 HeidiandJames_222717 HeidiandJames_224652


James and Heidi’s wedding was a real collaborative effort, and everyone contributed to make the day happen.

Heidi made her dress as a tribute to her mum Mary who taught her how to sew. The dress was made of sequinned soft lace from Singapore with a blush silk underlay and garnet beading. Heidi’s niece and ‘junior bridesmaid’ Betsy wore a skirt that Heidi remodelled, which was originally made for Heidi by Mary. Betsy wowed us all with an emotional speech about a presentation she gave at school on Heidi, her ‘real life hero’.

Dezley and Michael from Twig and Grace travelled from Noosa to bring their floral genius. James’ Aunty Liz made the perfect old-fashioned fruitcake with a lot of love! Flower girls Ginger and Ava wore sequinned tutus made by Donna in Cowra. And Willow chauffeured the happy couple in his Chevrolet Impala.

Laura from Nest Café:Cinema:Books in Tumbarumba and Mick from Roundabout Roast Spit Catering collaborated to put together a picnic in the forest for the bridal party. Nest made antipasto platters and stinging nettle pesto. Mick cured salami, smoked whole trout, and brined olives that he picked himself from a wild tree. Mick also butchered and dressed the lamb and pig, roasting it for 8 hours for the reception. Laura and her team created all the delicious side dishes and vegetables to compliment the slow cooked meats. Nest also spoilt guests with lavish dessert platters reminiscent of a medieval feast!

Flowers // Twig and Grace
Flower Suppliers // Gooloo Creek Wild Flowers
Accommodation // Wybaleena
Catering // Nest Cafe and Roundabout Roast Spit Catering (Phone +61416932776)


That was beautifully put together. I didn’t get to see it the first time so it was a delight to come across it now. Even though the 2 years haven’t been without their challenges for them it’s so good to see them both even happier than ever now.

Such great work. Captured so beautifully !

Hugh Castleden

Wonderfully captured in photos. A weekend in Tumbarumba which I have re-lived over & over in conversation and memories in the days and weeks since. A wedding befitting the celebration that it was, in so many ways.

Maureen Peasey

Just the best! Congrats on capturing the emotion and joy of this super special day so perfectly! Simply beautiful photos! x

Phil Spencer

Awesome pictures. I am especially in awe of the reflection one, even though it’s not of Heidi herself.

Barbara Smit

You have captured the most beautiful wedding and brought it back to life for me. Wonderful pictures, photographed with love. Well done.

Ruth Davies

The wedding was like a fairy tale and so beautiful congratulations to everyone who made it possible