Your wedding should be fun, stress-free, and go down as a party for the ages.

As the months of navigating venues, guest lists and playlists roll into the big day, you’ll want to settle in and enjoy the ride.

With us, reliving every moment is one thing you won’t have to worry about.

We’re a husband-and-wife duo who’ve been working with couples from Canberra and the surrounding regions for over 10 years now. Whether it’s wedding photography, video, or both, we specialise in capturing everything from the big hero shots to the moments you didn’t even know were happening.

We know most people aren’t professional models in their day job. Our priority is that the whole process feels effortless. You’ll feel relaxed and natural in front of the camera, and look like a pro too.

If you’re looking for a team that’s invested from day one – that’s us! Get in touch so we can get to know each other.

We can’t wait to meet you.

Meet the team!


It all started when I was 7 years old taking photos of the family cat and the washing line at our house in Canberra. I can still remember the anticipation and excitement of waiting to get the prints back from the chemist!

Fast forward to 16-year-old me and I was using lunchbreaks and skipping class to spend every second I could in the darkroom.

Then I brought my love of photography to my love of snowboarding. I’d carry an old plastic film camera in my pocket to snap the landscape and my adventures on the mountains.

It was one weekend while I was at photography school that I was standing on the side of the road in Jindabyne, waiting for a lift from a friend. I jumped in the back of the van with 3 other guys and their dad – and a guy named Lyndon.

He was working in the industry, and we got talking about my camera on the ride to Perisher. Next thing I knew I found myself trying to beat the other girls to ride the T-bar with him.

On the drive home I summoned up the courage to ask for his number so I could do ‘work experience’ with him… and the rest is history!

We eventually decided we were the perfect match to start a business and a life together.

Now we have 2 beautiful girls, a crazy dog named Winnie, and we get to collaborate with awesome couples to tell their wedding story.

Aside from work and family time, I love good food, wine, and company. I also love singing and dancing – even though I’m terrible at both!

If you’re lucky, you might get to see some of my terrible moves at your own wedding.


I was standing in a Blockbuster in Auckland where I grew up when I first realised I was mesmerised by film.

It was a clip from The Princess Bride playing in the store that had me hooked. I couldn’t believe how they managed to shoot all those scenes at all the right angles, and stitch them together to make a story.

In my teens I started filming my friends on our weekends in Perisher and editing the clips into short videos on tape. I was making funny clips with my mates and making them into reels – well before social media was a thing!

I loved it so much that I quit my public service job and moved to Toowoomba in Qld to study film.

I eventually came back to Canberra and turned my study into a career in commercial video and TV. I was filming ads and campaigns for the Brumbies, big-name international musicians and athletes – a dream come true.

One weekend I was on my way up to the snow and we were stuck in a traffic jam. My mate got a call from his friend who needed a ride, and she jumped in the car as the traffic was crawling along.

I thought to myself ‘wow that was lucky’ – she called at the perfect time to get a lift. I didn’t realise just how lucky it would really be.

We managed to catch the last run down the mountain that day and we struck up a conversation about her camera. She asked for my number to do work experience as we parted ways – and I think you might know how the rest of that story goes.

Outside of shooting weddings and spending time with my girls, I love playing golf, a good whisky (or mimosa depending on the time of day!) and watching the All Blacks play.

About You

You’re one half of a creative couple whose wedding is going to be one heck of a party – a celebration of love, family and friends. You’re compassionate and adventurous. You don’t always stick to the rules or traditions; you follow your hearts and will make your wedding your own.

You don’t want to pose or fake smile. You want someone who will document your wedding truthfully – *all of it* – the hugs, the tears and your best friend’s crazy dancing. That’s where we come in, we’re your perfect match.

We know your wedding is bigger than the two of you. It’s about the thousands of CHANCE MOMENTS that bring you, your family and friends together.

This is your story. We’re here to re-tell it through EMOTIVE and cinematic photography and film. In 50 years time this will be a record of your loved ones who have passed away, and of the people who are influential in your life. This is your VISUAL LEGACY.


How do we book you?

We can secure your wedding date with a completed booking form and a booking fee. The process is all done online, so contact us and we’ll send you everything you need to lock us in.

Where are you based, and do you travel?

We’re based in Canberra, Australia. Most of our weddings are in Canberra, country New South Wales, the Southern Highlands, Sydney and the South Coast. We do travel further, and we’ve worked across Australia and abroad including Thailand and Fiji.

Do we meet you before our wedding?

It’s personal preference and completely up to you. Our booking process is all online to make it as easy as possible. Some couples find that they’re busy in the lead up to the wedding, and prefer to organise with us over email.

If you’d like to tell us all about your wedding, we can give you a call at a time that suits you. If you’re local to Canberra and you’d like to see our work in person, we can meet up for a drink to show you our albums and prints. If you’re elsewhere in Australia or internationally, we can meet you over Skype.

Can we order prints and albums from you?

Yes. Our Fine Art Albums and Prints are optional extras that you can pre-order, or order after the wedding through our online gallery. Our beautiful heirloom books are custom designed in house, and printed with archival ink on matte paper. They feature lay flat binding, meaning that there are no gutters in the binding and each spread fully opens to lay flat.

Our handcrafted fine art prints are produced using a technique called ‘pigment on cotton rag’. We offer 3 unique smooth matte and textured matte hahnemuhle papers, and they are matted and ready for framing.

Can we do our own printing?

Yes of course! We deliver the edited digital files so that you can print for your own personal use. Prints are perfect thank you gifts for friends and family.

How do you work, and what is it like to have you photograph and film our wedding?

Our approach to photographing and filming is a combination of traditional, documentary and illustrative styles. We do give direction during portrait sessions and the traditional family photos. During bridal party and couple photos we also take an illustrative approach with an emphasis on composition, lighting and background. We photograph and film the rest of the day in a documentary style. We prefer an organic, informal approach rather than staging posed shots. We capture events as they unfold so we can tell the story of your wedding.

You can read Google reviews from our past couples here.

How much time do we need for photography and video?

We recommend around an hour for pre-ceremony preparation if you’d like this part of the day covered. We suggest 2 minutes per group for formal family portraits following the ceremony (usually half an hour or so), and around 1 hour for location photographs. The ‘golden hour’ before sunset is the best time to photograph and film. We usually stay until the reception formalities have finished up and the dancing has started. Don’t forget to include driving times between locations, and to allow a bit of buffer time throughout the day. Read more about our advice on planning your run sheet and timeline here.

Do we feed you?

Yes, if we are present during the reception we request that you ask the venue to supply crew meals.

How long have you been doing this for?

We’ve got over 15 years combined commercial and creative photography, film & TV experience.

Before weddings, Lyndon spent a decade filming and editing for commercial video and TV, winning two awards at Cannes. He worked with the likes of Taj Burrow, Sally Fitzgibbons, Jenson Button, Ray Martin, Tony Hawk, Craig Lowndes, P!nk, Mal Meninga and Jamie Durie just to name-drop a few.

Anthea was a photographer at the National Library of Australia, and has been working as a documentary photographer since 2010 for international not-for profit organisations. Her passion for documentary photography has influenced the way we approach weddings, and allows us to tell an authentic and natural story.

Do you give RAW unedited images?

We don’t let raw files out of the studio for multiple reasons, the main one being quality control. Raw files are un-finished products, and if someone other than us processes them from digital files into final images, then the final image/video quality may be compromised. The alternatively processed final images could then be attributed to us, and could be damaging to our work and brand.

The photos we supply are the highest quality final images from the day. The full resolution files can be printed up to A2 lossless (and can go much larger and still retain exceptional quality).

What are RAW video files, and can we have them?

We film hundreds of short 5-10 second clips during a wedding day to use in editing a highlights video. These hundreds of individual files are the raw footage, and are unusable except for the purpose of editing into a video. We don’t film any part of the day continuously. Instead, we roam around to get cinematic and engaging footage from different angles.

We do deliver an extended edit of the ceremony and reception speeches.
If you’d like parts of the day filmed in their entirety as a record and you don’t need the footage professionally edited, we’d recommend setting up a gopro or similar camera on a small tripod.