It’s Anthea here, and I’m writing this one from the heart. Bec and Luke had a profound effect on me both personally and on my photography career. Lyndon and I have been really lucky to meet the most wonderful people, and photograph and film their relationships with each other, as well as with their family and friends. Sometimes though (and we’re guilty of this too) we’re only human, and we can get caught up in wedding blogs and pinterest boards and the latest trends and brand names. We forget the reason why we have weddings in the first place, which as someone quite perfectly said to us recently is to “hold hands in front of all of the people who have contributed to our love over the years, and say, yeah, let’s do this until we die”.

Bec and Luke along with their family and friends collectively put an enormous amount of effort into their wedding and it looked beautiful. They built, cooked and made pretty much every aspect of their wedding, and so it had a very personal and handmade touch. The important thing is that their priority was the people – and not the things. Bec and Luke were right where they were meant to be surrounded by all the people they love, sharing endless hugs and deep and meaningful conversations.

Picture a private property just south of Canberra in Burra, a rural area with rolling hills, iconic Australian bush landscapes and working farms. The date is the 29th of December 2015, it’s a warm summers day between Christmas and New Years – the ultimate time to gather family and friends together. Add hay bales, picnic rugs, an epic ceremony backdrop, games and music, and you’ve got the ultimate place for a celebration of love.

Bec and Luke met many of their friends at festivals who had travelled from all across Australia to celebrate with them on the day. Their family had also travelled great distances from South Africa and elsewhere to be with them. It made perfect sense for Bec and Luke to turn their wedding into a camp out, and extend the time they were able to spend with their guests. The outdoor reception under the stars was fitting, with fire twirlers, campfires and dancing long into the night.

If you’re looking for a unique wedding ceremony and reception venue, and like us you aren’t as lucky as Bec and Luke were to have access to a private property, then we highly recommend checking out WedShed. They have so many awesome venues listed Australia wide, and this statement sums up their mission pretty well: “We use the word ‘venue’ loosely – our spaces range from woolsheds and warehouses to wineries and airplane hangars. What’s consistent is that all our venue-partners allow couples to create personal celebrations that reflect what they’re all about. Less bridezilla, more bridechilla”.

A huge thank you goes to Bec and Luke for allowing us into their lives for the day, and we hope you enjoy the highlights of their wedding below!