An engagement photography session is the perfect way to get comfortable with having a stranger photograph you before your wedding day! We take couples to unique landscapes around Canberra, ideally within the perfect light of the golden hour (the hour before sunset). We see the session more like an adventure rather than a photo shoot, where we get to know you and document your relationship with each other.

Most of us don’t make the time to have professional photographs taken with the people we love. I wish Lyndon and I didn’t wait 6 whole years until we booked one of our favourite Canberra photographers (and all round great guy)  Dan O’Day to spend the afternoon photographing us. We realised that we’ve spent so much time photographing other people’s relationships with their family and friends, that we’d neglected to document our own!

During winter we took Katherine and Stuart to the Pialligo Redwood Forest. We’re always on the hunt for unique locations to explore with couples, and you’d be surprised how many hidden little sanctuaries are around Canberra!

Pialligo Redwood Forest Engagement Photography

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