Welcome to another one of our Feature Fridays, where we share a business that we love from around the Canberra region. Ok we admit it – today is Sunday, but we couldn’t wait until next Friday to share Nest with you!

Laura, her husband Justin and baby Frank have created the perfect haven in Tumbarumba, which is just near Batlow in NSW. They showcase local produce, great films, and host celebrations to bring the community together.

We recently visited Nest for their 3rd annual Woodland Film Festival, where a whole weekend of events culminated in a night of live music, films, fancy dress and fabulous food. We are in the middle of making a short film about the short film festival and we can’t wait to share it with you!

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We also recently helped Nest celebrate their 5th anniversary in true Nest style. As part of the celebrations, Rohan from Whole Larder Love ran a workshop on how to cook wild rabbit and Kate Berry from The Photo School ran a photography session in the Sugar Pine Forest. After a day of workshops and markets, Nest held a dinner banquet featuring local produce and wines, live music by Fanny Lumsden & the Thrillseekers, birthday cake, dancing and all round merriment.


We asked Laura to tell us all about Nest and what it means to her.

What is Nest?

Nest is a place in a little known picturesque part of the world where locals and travellers gather to eat, drink, share conversations, watch films, find beautiful books. Yes a café, an armchair dine-in cinema, a bookstore, a hoster of live music, markets, festivals, parties and quiet chats.

What’s a day in the life of Nest like?

Well if you were to come, an ideal day could be mosying in around 8:30am being greeted by a crackling fire, and choosing between the french toast mountain style with local blueberries, bacon & maple syrup or hazelnut nest granola for breakfast. Fresh baked big muffins are stacked on the counter with all the other tempting house made cakes and goodies. The 11am matinee is calling, and there are books and giftware to browse through.

What are some of the challenges in running Nest?

Gosh! Um making money. I love what I do and the life it’s given me but it’s probably the challenge of making it work financially that keeps the wrinkles I my forehead. One of the other big challenges is getting people to Tumbarumba. It is the perfect weekend distance from Canberra, and even Sydney or Melbourne and day trip distance from Wagga and Albury but to get people from ‘likers’ on social media to actually making a trip takes a lot of tenacious spirit.

What inspires you?

Gods word. The beauty of his creation and I love that I can see more of it out here from the super starry night skies to the forests, snow on the mountains, sunshine across the paddocks or laneway opposite. Making people happy energises me too at the risk of sounding cheesy but, I love when people come to Nest and either we chat or they chat to someone else, are inspired by a film, get excited by yummy cake, a beautiful book or just feel contented lingering with their coffee and own company.

Who is your ideal customer?

Anyone who appreciates the good life and lets us look after them.

What’s your favourite move that you’ve screened at Nest?

Amelie for our inaugarul Annual Bastille Day French Feast, Film & Fancy Dress do back in 2009.

Is there anything else we should know?

I am typing this with my 8 month old boy Frank on my lap who likely wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t make that big move from corporate life 5 years ago.