Kris and Emily were brought together by Kris’ mum Nada and Emily’s dad Rocco, who lie across from each other at their burial grounds in Queanbeyan cemetery. The day when Emily and Kris met at Nada and Rocco’s graves was the beginning of their journey together, leading to the day that Kris proposed to Emily on a rooftop bar in New York City.

Needless to say their wedding was an emotionally moving day celebrated in true Macedonian style. More than 400 family and friends danced, sang, laughed and cried with Emily and Kris.

When I watched Lyndon’s edit of their wedding video for the first time I cried – like full on bawled my eyes out, and I was there myself to see it all unfold on the day! People who have never met Emily and Kris are moved to tears when they watch their wedding video, testament to both the genuine love Emily and Kris and their friends and families have for each other, and the power of visual storytelling through video.

If you are questioning whether a wedding video is worth the investment, watching this will make the answer very clear. It is something that can never be replaced or re-created. Guests smartphone videos are no substitute for a cinematic narrative, and no amount of fancy editing can change that. The best wedding videos go beyond the immediate and the superficial, and all the elements come together to define not just the event, but our emotional connection to it.

An epic wedding day required an equally epic wedding film. We are humbled and honoured to have been a small part of this truly once in a lifetime event.

Emily and Kris from Anthea and Lyndon on Vimeo.

We couldn’t have produced this video without the help of Gus from ASK Design who provided the aerial footage.

Venue: Macedonian Orthodox Church
Bridal Party Locations: Hotel Hotel and Nishi Gallery, New Acton
Invitations/Stationery Design: The Distillery Letterpress