Bride and groom kissing on a path in the fern forest at the National Botanic Gardens in Canberra.
Bride and groom holding hands and walking in New Acton, Canberra.
Bride and groom posing for a photo in the outdoor garden ceremony venue at Parlour in New Acton in Canberra.
Love letter from Charlotte and Stu:

I have been a long time fan and hopeful enthusiast to work with you on day! We recently got engaged before Christmas and we both love your work. 

I think the most important thing for us is to capture our people having pure candid fun. To see their faces as we exchange our vows. I know who I will be looking at the whole time so I want to be able to see them in the video and relive that feeling again through them. I’d like my grandmother to pop up occassionally, as I’ve always loved looking back on videos of family members that are no longer with us. The speeches are pretty important to us, namely because of our #cancerjourney I can imagine there will be A LOT of tears and probably a lot of snot on my behalf. Stu is most focused on catching little moments between us. Judging by what you’ve done in the past I think you’ll be able to do all of that with ease. 

We met at the Little Brooklyn on a blind date. It was one of those dates that went for about 6 hours and we both lost track of time. We moved on to Brod burger (classic Canberrans) and played uno – to this day I’m not sure if he was just bad at uno or letting me win! Stuart was moving to China with the Australian embassy in 4 months but we both felt this was something special so we went with it. Three and a bit years later, I find myself living between China and Australia (I’m a vet but I can’t work in China) and although its tough, I still get butterflies every time he picks me up at the airport. 

In China on the weekends we cruise around the hutongs on our scooters and try to find little hidden coffee shops or secret bars. A lot of the time we try to get out of the compound by heading out to a park to watch the old ducks play mahjong or swing dance – its rather sweet! 

Although the fine details are yet to be sorted, we are both simple classic in style. Stu is a gin fanatic so something with a gin bar or signature cocktail will definitely feature. 

Stuart doesn’t know but I will be taking his name – Garratt. I have protested for MANY MANY MANNNNNNY years but after everything is said and done. It will be the biggest gesture I can make to him.


Celebrant: Gabrielle Lynagh

Florist: Lily Grace Flowers

Dress designer: Karen Willis Holmes

Hairdresser: AJ Hair and Bridal

Makeup artist: Stephanie Church

Cake/dessert maker: Croquembouche – Pastries on Perry

DJ/band: Acoustic- Lucy Sugarman DJ- The Vintage Stylus

Wedding ceremony and reception venue: Parlour, Canberra

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Bridal party laughing in outdoor garden wedding ceremony at Parlour in Canberra.
Couple dancing in front of guests at wedding reception venue Parlour in Canberra.