Our Tips for Getting the Best Wedding Video:

1. The number one way to get the best out of your cinematographer, is to choose the right photographer with a similar style and approach to working. If your photographer is instructing you to ‘stand here, do this and look that way’, then your video footage is going to be of you standing there, doing this and looking that way. See our tips on how to get the best photos here.

2. Don’t look at the camera! We realise that unless you’re a celebrity it might feel a little strange to have a camera following you around, but the best wedding video footage is when you ignore it! Easier said than done right? But that’s why we try to be as incognito as we can on the day.

3. If we have been filming with you right before you enter the reception, make sure you leave at least half an hour of buffer time before starting any speeches. We need time to coordinate setting up our audio gear with musicians/the MC, and the sound we record for your video will be better if we’re not rushing the set up! See more about our tips on making a run sheet/timeline schedule for the day here.

4. To get great sound quality and ensure your speeches can be heard by everyone at your reception, use a mic stand or a lectern. Roaming microphones are fun but no-one ever holds them consistently at the correct distance from their mouth, and speakers often have to hold their notes/ipad in the other hand.



How do we film?

We film hundreds of short 5-20 second clips during a wedding day to use in editing a highlights video. We are as un-obstrusive as we can possibly be on the day, we don’t set up big tripods in front of your parents at the ceremony or big lighting rigs at the reception. It’s not a photo shoot, it’s your wedding day! We don’t film any part of the day continuously, because footage from a single camera on a tripod (the traditional way of filming a wedding) is boring. Instead, we roam around to get cinematic and engaging footage from different angles.

We know exactly where to be for the key moments. We know a lot of things; that the wait before the ceremony can be nerve-wracking, tense and exciting all at the same time, that the moment after your first kiss you might let your guard down and show your emotions, that parents and close family will probably be the first to hug you after the ceremony, that things won’t go exactly as planned but that it’s the unexpected surprises that bring joy to the day.


We use licensed music because we like to pay artists for their talent, and we choose songs that are unique to your wedding film & reflect the feel of your day.The post production editing involved in bringing your best footage together in a highlights film is very labour intensive. Lyndon is meticulous during this process and we thank you in advance for your patience, we promise it will be worth the wait!