Our Tips for Getting the Best Wedding Photographs:

1. Choose the right videographer with a similar style and approach to working as your photographer. If your videographer is blocking the aisle with huge tripods or bringing big lighting rigs to the reception, then that will negatively impact the photos. See our tips on how to get the best wedding video here.

2. Trust your photographer and go on adventures with them, the reward will be better photographs with unique and diverse locations. Don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten path, and ladies take a spare pair of flats!

3. Traditionally photographers would spend up to 3 hours with the bridal party and couple alone. We recommend 1-2 hours max because it’s not a photo shoot, it’s your wedding day. And we know you care more about spending quality time with your closest family and friends than with us.

4. You don’t have to stick to the rules. You can do a first look with your fiancé and have photographs before the ceremony so you can enjoy canapés with your guests. In saying that though, one of our favourite moments of the whole day is when you see each other for the first time at the ceremony.


5. The ‘golden hour’ before sunset is the best light for photography. If you’re having a first look, we’d also suggest setting aside some time in your reception schedule at sunset for a few extra photos.

How do we photograph?

Our approach to photographing and filming is a combination of traditional, illustrative and documentary styles. We do give direction during the traditional family portraits and when photographing and filming with the bridal party. During bridal party and couple photos we take an illustrative approach with an emphasis on composition, lighting and background. We photograph and film the rest of the day in a documentary style.

Often the time couples spend with us can be a bit of quiet reflection with each other, a rare moment of alone time on their wedding day. That’s what we capture. It’s about your relationship with the person standing next to you, not the person taking the photo.


What is Documentary Wedding Photography?:

We prefer an organic, informal approach over traditional posed portraits. We believe that photographs of real things happening in real time are more meaningful than staged shots. We capture events as they unfold so we can tell the emotive story of your wedding. When family and friends congratulate you, that’s one of our favourite times to photograph and film. Guests forget we’re there and that’s when we get the best shots! The reception is also the perfect time to get photos of guests while they’re in the moment and enjoying each other’s company.




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