We had the pleasure of spending Monday with the lovely Lou and Belinda from Moxom and Whitney, hands down the best florist in Canberra. We spent some time getting to know Moxom and Whitney for this short documentary film we made. 

Moxom and Whitney from Anthea and Lyndon on Vimeo.

If you’re after something unique and handmade with love, pop in to see Lou and Belinda (or one of their other awesome florists) and we guarantee you’ll be so glad you did.

1. Tell us about what you do

We are Belinda Whitney and Lou Moxom, we are best friends and together we run the Moxom and Whitney florist. We do everything from weddings, events and corporates, to our glass terrariums. We also run flower classes to teach floristry skills and show brides how to make flower crowns.

2. What is a day in the life of a florist like

We’re open every day and we have a whole team of florists who work with us in the shop. Each day is different, on Mondays we could be delivering flowers to corporate clients, and on Saturdays we could be putting together flowers for a wedding.


3. What are some of the challenges

We are trying as hard as we can to be one of Canberra’s first green florists, which is hard but doable. We have really little wastage as a florist, we try and use everything as much as we can and eventually the plan is to start growing our own flowers.

4. What inspires you

It inspires us to constantly have people walk into our shop or have something delivered to them that they love. It’s also inspiring that we’ve created something from nothing and we get to hang out with each other all day every day!

5. Who is your ideal customer

Belinda: The ideal terrarium customer is someone who walks in and says “wow that’s awesome!”. It’s fun when someone gives you a little bit of direction about what they want but they leave the creative side to you.

Lou: I work best when I can create something different for someone every time. Combined our ideal customer is someone who is open to experiencing a new way of buying flowers and gifts, someone who has seen our work before and trusts that what we do is awesome!



I want to get a flower arranging course as a present I was wondering if you could give me more details about these courses you provide as well as an idea of the price

Thanks look for to hearing from you

Your creativity in your flower designs and the love and passion that has gone into your work is a WOW factor! We order a lot from you where I work for our staff members and other people and I have started ordering from you for personal family and friend gifts as well, because this is by far the most amazing and best florist I’ve found in Canberra. Always so helpful on the phone and the website is easy to use, and leaving you to create a masterpiece never goes wrong they are always superb.
Well done ladies you rock!xx